Mosquitos - Annoying and Potentially Dangerous
Not only are mosquitos unwelcome guests at The Family BBQ, they are also a potential danger, due to the whole host of diseases they can carry. The list of potential illness is long but don't be motivated by fear. Educate yourself and don't let someone scare you into treating for them. Learn the facts then come talk to Atlantic about our many safe, effective mosquito control techniques.

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Atlatic's Renown Bat House Program

From The Boston Globe 09.2006: Bats, which consume thousands of mosquitoes and other insects, are more efficient in insect control than birds or bug zappers, specialists say. Bat houses are used effectively for mosquito control in the southeastern United States, and in some southern communities bats have reduced the mosquito population by as much as 60 to 70 percent, according to Mike Andrews of East Bridgewater, who runs the local Atlantic Termite and Pest Control .

A single bat can consume as many as 1,200 insects in an hour, according to Andrews.

He installed bat houses in the yards of his customers this summer, he said, but East Bridgewater was the first community to enroll in the bat house program. ``Officials came to me and said `What can you do without spraying?' "

After listening to a presentation by Andrews, officials purchased 10 houses , which have been strategically positioned in spots where mosquitoes are most likely to breed and where the public goes in large numbers. That includes the town's sports complexes on Church Street and Maple Avenue, the high school football fields, Leland Farm, and the recycling center. The total cost to the town was a little less than $3,000.