pest control in the city of brockton ma. and surrouding towns such as bridgewater, east bridgewater and west bridgewater are recently seeing a spike mice and rats due to an over abundant supply of acorns this year. Oak trees produce these acorns and the mice and rats love to eat them

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Atlantic termite and pest control is based in brockton ma.  and a  office in buzzards bay ma. we service fleas, mice, rats, ants, termites and termites and termites and termites constantly. bees and hornets and wasps are generally active all of this month.  Carpenter ants are are the move today all over buzzards bay and east bridgewater., big carpenter ant colony found in large window casings.

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Atlantic termite and pest control is a well reputative 4th generation family owned and operated company. we service all of boston , quincy, braintree and randolph. also cape cod , buzzards bay is another pest control region. we also have a main office in brockton massachusetts and we service pest control in all surrounding towns such as east bridgewater, west bridgewater and halifax and middleboro, ma.

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mice and other rodents are now consistently on the move for a warmer , more inviting harboring area for the frigid winter months to come. rodent proofing your home is very important to assure a healthy environment for your family and pets. At the currrent moment , towns of bourne, ma. and east bridgewater ma. are experiencing high volumes of mice and rat infestations.

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pest  control specifically concerning carpenter ants in brockton massachusetts and east bridgewater are spiking to to unbelievable levels!! we are recently experiencing large carpenter ant colonies which are nesting within residential homes. a thorough exterior ant control treatment is helpful but if the colony is already existing, then further investigation is needed to properly eradicate the carpenter ant colony completely.