We are currently seeing a large spike in service calls when it comes to bees and wasps and alslo bed bugs. Bed bugs are a transported insect. they become traveled through furniture , clothing and people. once they are in your home it ttakes an aggressive approach in pest control to get rid of them. Bees and wasps are still very active and building nests this late time of year, they also tend to act agressive with a slow change in temperatures

how to treat a wasp or hornets nest.

a solid rule of thumb is if you cannot see any part of the nest, then do not attempt unless you are a professional pest control operator. liquid propellant sprays are contact agents and can stain vinyl siding and even erode roof shingles . a professional mostly applys a dry dust with a long residual life to fully coat the interior of nest and the dust will keep working as bees enter and exit the paper nest.


Major bees and wAsps  nests are being seen on a daily basis  in towns such as cohasset and scituate and marshfield regions of massachussetts . yellow jackets and hornets are the very aggressive in the summer high heat .