bed bug remedies

the only serious solution is routine consistent aggressive professional pest control applicications. very good products that work quite quickly on knocking down bed bugs are available and only applicable by licensed exterminators, we will work with you nand keep the numbers gentle..

Bed Bug Treatments

a safe and effective procedure to help with bed bugs , is to take all your in use bed linens and clothes that are in your closets, bureaus and night stands, and put them in a dryer for ! hour. the high heat for that length of time will kill bed bugs. a conventional treatment by an exterminator should be followed up with.

bed bugs on the rise

Bed bugs are increasingly being seen in residential environments. The cause usually is from transportation. whether you or a family member has traveled and visited a hotel, or guests over the holiday season have visited your home and bed bugs transported in with them. be careful during your travels over the holiday seasons and be aware of bed bugs in places you may visit or reside at.


We are currently seeing a large spike in service calls when it comes to bees and wasps and alslo bed bugs. Bed bugs are a transported insect. they become traveled through furniture , clothing and people. once they are in your home it ttakes an aggressive approach in pest control to get rid of them. Bees and wasps are still very active and building nests this late time of year, they also tend to act agressive with a slow change in temperatures

Bed Bug Services

Bed Bug applications are strict,aggressive and full of intense preparation. The better the preparation, the better the application can be , which will result in better success rate. Most people do not prepare even close to what they are asked and demanded to do for a successful treatment. We need to remember the exterminator can only work with the surrounding in front of him. if it isnt layed out properly your effectiveness will suffer , prepare in great lengths for Bed Bug Control.

NEW Bed bug treatments!!

Bed Bugs is now a growing epidemic. As a 4th generation exterminator, WE feel aggressive action with a rotation of different formulated liquids control products is still the best line of defense for eliminating this blood sucking creature.  we currently apply a thorough fan spray to all harboring areas and a perimeter zone treatment so they can not escape the infested location.  by far thyis has proven to work effectively and solidly. heat treatment is temporary and traps are small percentage of management.

Bed Bug EXtermination

Bed Bug Treatment takes a skillfull approach and aggresive measures to seek out and destroy these blood sucking insects, Lots of time and patience is required and proper preparation is completely required . Series of routine applications all within a short timely fashion and a thorough spray treatment is still your best defense