Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants in buzzards bay are waking up from sunny skies warming a particular side of your house. carpenter ants are attracted water conducive areas. true fact, carpenter  ants only excavate wood to harbor within it. carpenter ants get there nutrients from water and eating other insects.

Carpenter ants, and bugs

recently warm temperatures in cape cod, buzzards bay and east bridgewater have drawn carpenter ants and all sorts of bugs out of dormant cycles and is allowing them to start spring foraging. ample food and water sources are readily available due to the snow and ice coverings completely gone.

You Have TERMITES ???

Be aware that although temperatures are reaching record lows in the Boston and Brockton regions and also Cape Cod territory of Massachusetts, termites can be very active on the interior of your home. they will colonize underneath the basement floor close to a furnace or hot water tank to gain substantial warmth to sustain activity on eating the wood framing or beautiful wood trims of your home.

termites and carpenter ants

many regions in the south shore and cape cod area are already reporting termite swarms and carpenter ant activity, this is due to a recent spike in temperature and heavy amounts of  sunshine. the warming of a colonized area for a brief time may be just enough to break their dormant cycle and allow these wood destroying insects to start spring activities at an alarming rate. be on the lookout for these winged reproductive ants or termites!!

bed bug remedies

the only serious solution is routine consistent aggressive professional pest control applicications. very good products that work quite quickly on knocking down bed bugs are available and only applicable by licensed exterminators, we will work with you nand keep the numbers gentle..