pests control tips and techniques

carpenter ants is one of the largest residential insect infestation problems here in the north east. carpenter ants tend to invade your home , seek out a water source, forage to find an ample food supply and then once all this is estasblished, carpenter ants will begin colonizing within the framing of your home. the destruction they create can compromise the strength of your frames your stucture.


We are currently seeing a large spike in service calls when it comes to bees and wasps and alslo bed bugs. Bed bugs are a transported insect. they become traveled through furniture , clothing and people. once they are in your home it ttakes an aggressive approach in pest control to get rid of them. Bees and wasps are still very active and building nests this late time of year, they also tend to act agressive with a slow change in temperatures

BEES and WASPS very aggressive

With quickly changing temperatures, bees and wasps do not have enough time to build up a resistance to the the cold, this does make them angry and aggressivre. they produce a glycol naturally in their system to help prevent them from freezing and dieing through the winter. this abrupt change makes them seek out warm areas like the interior of your home. when they get there agression becomes the norm for them because their entire system is changing to adapt to the up coming season.